English for Academic Purposes(EAP) Intermediate to Advanced

English for Academic Purposes(EAP) Intermediate to Advanced

Level: Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced

Duration: Each level consists of two modules; students may enrol for as many of these as they require up to a maximum of 34 weeks

Qualification CRICOS Code:110456H

Qualification Status : Current

Start Dates: Students may start at the beginning of any module (contact us for dates)

Hours per week: 20


You need student visa to complete this course. Tourist and Working Holiday visas may be possible for students studying for only 1, 2 or 3 modules.

Entry Requirement:

Age 18 or over.

If the student is opting ELICOS packaged with any vocational course, the student is required to demonstrate IELTS of 5.0 or equivalent.

Evidence of an Intermediate level of English or higher. For example, having reached Intermediate level in General English at Newton Institute. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Who is this course for? 

This course is for anyone aged 18 or over who is preparing to study for a degree or classroom-based VET course where the study is in English. Even if your English is already good enough for further study, an EAP course can help you understand how to do assignments well – and thus make your further study easier. It may even help you get higher grades in your qualification!

What will I learn on this course? 

This course covers academic English: the English you will need for further study. It includes speaking, listening, writing and reading, including listening to lectures, speaking in tutorials, giving presentations, reading academic texts, and writing essays and reports. To help you with these skills, there will also be plenty of vocabulary and grammar to help you succeed in your future course

What are the teaching methods? 

At Datum, we believe that people learn best when they are interested in what they are learning and when the study relates to real life. We also believe that people learn by doing – thus you will complete projects such as essays and presentations that are similar to university or VET assignments – with a lot of help from the teacher, of course! You will also listen to lectures, read academic texts, and take part in discussions. Vocabulary and grammar learning will be in the context of real-world academic tasks. We also believe that language learning should be communicative and interactive. You will spend a lot of speaking with other students, because this will help you to learn effectively.

Will there be any assessment?

Continuous assessment is used. Your teachers will give you marks and feedback for the projects you do, as well as for work in class and for homework. You will also have a weekly test covering reading, listening or writing. The purpose of assessment is for you to see your progress, and so that teachers can find which areas to give extra attention to. All assessment is supportive – perhaps very different from your exams at school! Feedback from assessment is part of learning: your teacher will help you to improve for the next task.

What do I get when I finish?

When you finish your course, we will give you a certificate and a report. This shows your grades and the levels you studied at.

Further Information

For all further details, please refer to International Student Handbook available on www.datum.edu.au for all related policies and procedures and other important information related to international students including Covid-19, living cost, life and study in Melbourne, etc.

Please contact the Administration Manager at admissions@datum.edu.au or at +61 (3) 9958 6666 for further information.

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